Our Mission

The The mission of The Ram Man is to make superior automotive technology affordable and accessible to the world. TRM has successfully designed an environmentally friendly, ABS compatible manual locking hubs with unparalleled reliability, durability and value.


Constant 4WD wears down and puts added stress on front axle components. Manual locking hubs provide drivers the ability to completely disengage the front wheels, from the drive axle, reducing overall drive-train load and increasing the lifespan of the front drive-train, transfer case and front axles unit bearing.


4WD vehicles with splined factory hubs can be stranded in the event of a broken front axle shaft or u-joint. Manual hubs allow drivers to disengage the front wheels from the front axle, allowing them to continue on the mission, even with broken components.


The Ram Man Inc. manual locking hubs allow factory ABS compatibility. By using the OEM unit bearing system, our manual locking hubs do not change the original ABS braking system. Our design is the only system that allows you to keep the original ABS Safety Braking System.


TRM manual locking hubs offer a true low-profile solution that can fit under your original hubcaps

Superior Durability

TRM manual locking hubs were created to prevent the unnecessary wear and tear on the front drive-line components. The factory spline hub design, forces the entire drive-train to turn 100% of the time.

The constant wear and tear on the front drive shaft, front axle, transfer case and unit bearings, is completely unecessary. The factory design promotes extreme wear and tear, resulting in extremely expensive front drive-line repairs and transfer case explosions. Our Timken Greasable Hubs, are nearly indestructible and 100% reliable.

TRM uses premium Lock-Out hubs from Mile Marker Industries.

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